What was that squishy thing?

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and stepped on something on your way to the toilet?

When I was single, I was usually tripping over my drunk uncle who had passed out in the hallway or something. Before I had kids I would step on the cats or a pair of lacy undies or something. Now that I have nose pickers in the house, I step on the weirdest things.

I have stepped on Legos, ok not so weird, but very painful. I have stepped on half eaten hot dogs, or sippy cups or dolls that when stepped on feel like piles of doo in the hall way.

Well, last night I stepped on a diaper. I am a very clean person and every once in a while something gross (like the hot dog) will sneak past me, but a diaper??? This definitely called for some investigating. I stick my head into one room and the kids are there, fully clothed and in almost the exact positions they were in when I put them down. I stick my head into Little Bit’s room and she is not there. Where the hell is she? Look in the living room, no, not there. Check the play room, nope, not there. She’s not in the kitchen or the bathroom, so that leaves only my room, but I didn’t see her there before.

Go back to the bedroom walk around the bed and there she is, curled up on the floor naked from the waist down. She looked so peaceful and comfortable, but I had to get her in a bed and get that piss factory covered. She woke up just enough when I picked her up the say “mommy, I peed in the toilet, can I have candy now?”

Gotta love those kids they sure do have their priorities straight.

This is me, just a mom, heading to the kitchen to make breakfast…..


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