Sick kids, dirty house, bad mood and chocolate almonds

Kids are napping, ok well, Blondie is watching Spy Kids 3-D – with the glasses. I had them on for 15 minutes and now my head hurts! Before they fell asleep, the sound in here was more than I could take! You had snorting, coughing, sneezing, something that sounded like a dog licking it’s groin, and some very definite whimpering. Now the only thing I hear is the theme music form the movie and Blondie saying “Oh cool!”

The house looks like a tornado went through it – except for the kitchen. I swear I clean the house every hour or so. I think there are little gremlins that hide in the closets and when I leave the room, they throw everything back onto the floor! I know my laundry has orgies in the hamper at night while I sleep because there is just no other explanation for the amount of laundry I do. I wash and dry at least two loads A DAY! What’s up with that???

Bad mood – I am so freaking’ tired. Every time I close my eyes, Blondie says “Mom….Where is ….(insert own need here)…” or something of the sort. I have lost my cool twice already with him. I really need to sleep. Feel like a hermit. The blinds have been closed all day and it is so cold in here that my nose feels like it may just break off at any moment!

EEEWWWWW!!!! I was going to have some cottage cheese and peaches with my lunch and I opened the cottage cheese and it had gone bad! Have you ever smelled rotten cottage cheese? Believe me, you don’t want to. It was like rotten milk sitting on a pile of dead skunks and a sweaty ball sack or two (really, don’t ask me how I know what a sweaty ball sack smells like). I had some chocolate covered almonds instead. A good wholesome choice, I think.

So I feel like I am typing into a black hole. Does anyone really read this crap I am typing?
More later, I am sure…………

Until then….
I am just a mom hanging out with her kiddies, trying to take a nap.


One thought on “Sick kids, dirty house, bad mood and chocolate almonds

  1. mail girl says:

    Are you kiddin me this is the most excitment that I get all day. I find myself checking in every hour to see if you have ranted about something else…I love it!!! Sorry the kiddos are sick, but the can just join the club. I have swallowed so much snot today, that I didn’t even eat lunch. Can’t be too many calories in that.

    Oh, about your laundry haveing group orgys…if you would give them protection they wouldn’t be able to reproduce…think about it red!!! Ok, I guess I’ll go and look busy for awhile and I’ll check in with ya later. Tap a freakin nap moody!!! :)-

    sorry about the spelling…this really needs spell check, I’m kinda spoiled with that.


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