OK well I think….

I am gonna stop cussing on the blog…… We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

I am trying to get it all out of my system before I move. For those of you who know me, you know I can walk into a bar and the sailors will come out covering their ears, but it doesn’t seem to fit me. What exactly is an educated mom doing cussing so much? I always use the excuse that I am just not smart enough to come up with better words, but ya know, that is not really true. I just like to blow the image people think I should fit into. THAT is me.

Really, when you guys met me (in person) did you think that I would be the way that I am? No, you didn’t – don’t lie. Really what did you think I would be like? Not this, I assure you…..

I guess I am feeling a little….uuuuhhhhhh…….I don’t know. The conversation that prompted the previous blog has me thinking. I know, I know; the little spiders in my brain have to go somewhere else to live tonight…..

Hope you all sleep well. I don’t think I will.


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