Don’t have a title….

Home with all the kids today.

I am so over the way people are reacting to the news of our move. The people who are being supportive, THANK YOU!!! To everyone else, PISS OFF!!! Hey, is Piss off considered a cuss word? Sidetrack – my ADHD tendencies – I was thinking of putting dashes everywhere I would normally put a cuss word so that it would be like mad libs! I don’t know… OK, back to the move. So you tell your friends and family that you are moving to the UAE. At first, I did expect to get the usual resistance and to hear the usual American stereo types associated with the Middle East. I have done my home work and I have been researching the UAE since November. Stupid me thought that if I did the leg work that when someone expressed concern, I could tell them what I know and then refer them to web sites. That sounds pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? You would think….but it isn’t for my family. Apparently, even though I worked my *** off to get through college and still be in the top 10 % of my class (while pregnant in my last semester and working full time, I might add) I am still not smart enough to make an informed decision. Poor little me…I am too mentally unstable to be able to make a big decision like this….the Captain must be brainwashing me…
There are several things that have influenced OUR decision to take on this move. The first thing that was appealing was the money – I mean really, it is an unbelievable amount of money. Then the whole Middle East thing hit us – oh **** this job is in the Middle East!!! No way in **** are we moving to the Middle East. I called my dad and asked him what he would do. His answer was a quick “There is no way in **** I would go”. Well, I shortly came to realize that he didn’t even know where the UAE was at the time. So then I started looking things up. I started googeling the UAE, United Arab Emirates (probably mis spelled it – I always do), Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain… and anything else I knew about the UAE. I found chat rooms that were full of people already living there, I found articles written by many expats and ex expats, I found books in the library and I found books on line, I started talking to people I knew and got into contact with other families that lived there, I talked to people I knew who travel a lot and asked if they had been there, man I did everything I could think of to educate myself on the area and situation. I feel like I have done a lot to educate myself, after all, this is a HUGE decision and it involves a part of the world that has a bad reputation in the United States and my kids!

Well, I have learned that the UAE is safe. The people who live there don’t think twice about eating out and the possibility of being bombed. They do worry about the traffic and which excellent private school their kids will get into this year. Everything you can get here, you can get there and then some. Women do not have to wear the full body covers nor do they have to wear shoulder covers or head covers or anything else like that. The women there can and do go out without their men and they don’t walk 10 feet being their man when they are out together. Kids have a plethora of parks and activities to choose from. There is an ice skating rink in Al Ain, there are numerous water parks, not to mention the beach. There are amusement parks and malls and one of the largest zoos in the world. The former Sheikh was an wonderful environmentalist (HH Sheikh Zayed) and there is grass and trees and flowers everywhere. There is a water fall in the center of every round about – they run one of the most successful desalinization plants in the world – and theirs is the largest. I have read numerous times that the expats that live there feel more safe there than they did in their home country (even from the American expats). The boarders in the UAE are such that it is very difficult to get contraband in. Every box is opened and every person searched. You cannot buy a gun there and the only people who carry them are the police and the military. Don’t get me wrong. It is still a Muslim country. The Muslim women do wear the covers and they are bound by their husbands or fathers but they are allowed to go to college and shop and drive…. The country was “born” circa 1971 (my memory is bad with dates) so the men are not used to seeing women in shorts and tank tops, so there will be whistles and stares if women dress that way. (I don’t dress that way – three kids and no tan – you just don’t do that…) I am thinking that the biggest thing that I am going to have to get used to there is the driving. It is fast, dangerous and crowded. I hate to drive.

OK, well I had to stop typing and save this blog and come back to it…….I lost my train of thought and don’t think I can finish it the way I wanted.

I am just frustrated about the reactions I am getting. PPPPHHHHTTTTTT!!!!!! (that was a wet tongue out raspberry)

****!!! Little bit just got up onto the couch with me and her little feet are COLD!!!!! I feel a belly blow coming on…I must go!


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