Snotty noses and boogers

My boys woke up this morning with snotty noses. The big one tried to get out of going to school, but me being the mean mom that I am, made him go anyway. He got to school then handed me a piece of paper out of his back pack that announced the Family Reading Night that was last night. Gee thanks kid…

Another child is on the couch mesmerized by cartoons – don’t you love NickJr – and sniffling. (I am sure I just misspelled that but I don’t know how to work the spell check on this blogger thing so tough shit.) Poor baby. I am sure he will be fine by the time the bus gets here this afternoon.

Then of course, you have the girl who walks into the room with her little hand extended out and says “EEWW, mom, look, booger!” Being a mom is great. You definitely can’t have a weak stomach, at least not in my family. I actually have a posted rule on the refrigerator that says “No Farting at the Dinner Table”. I know, I suck the fun out of everything.

OK, so last night I read through some of the other blogs on this site. Holly crap! It is totally amazing the shit people post on the internet!

What is up with ugly people posting their damn pictures every where? And then there is the issue of using improper English in the captions of their pictures. So they are ugly AND stupid. That is a great combination. Sometimes I wonder what the hell is going through these people’s heads when they look in the mirror. I suspect it goes something like this; As the bucked tooth white trash idiot with his initials carved in the side of his hair (but you would never know it because he is wearing a ball cap with the bill pulled to the side that matches his velour jogging suit and has three or four huge gold necklaces hanging around his neck) looks in the mirror he thinks, “Damn, I look phat”. The rest of us are thinking, “What the f*@k? That guy looks like an idiot!” Do these people actually think they are going to get a job in the hip hop industry? First of all, you’re white dude! Can anyone say Vanilla Ice? Ice Ice Baby….Shit now I have the damn song stuck in my head… I actually embarrassed to admit that I know it… Hey- I grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s, so shoot me.

UGH!!! Sorry I had a run in this morning with one of these idiots at older boy’s school. The dumb ass was driving through the drop off lane the wrong way blaring his shitty music (with the damn doors on his piece of shit car rattling!) telling his son, and I quote…”Get the Fuck out of the car before you are late, meeho”. What a great way to see your kid off. Yes, I know he is the boy’s dad because I am the PTO president and I am nosey. Of course all I did was give him a really dirty look (which before 7:30 am and 4 cups of coffee is really bad) and I mouthed ass hole at him as I passed him. I would never get into a confrontation with an idiot – especially not in front of my kids.

On to other things. I would like to use this blog to start cataloging my move. I guess I have to actually start doing something about the move though…

OK, we all got our passport pictures done and the applications mailed off. The kids’ were done last Thursday and mine and the husband’s were done Monday. I would like to start packing some of this shit we have, but am overwhelmed. We are going to sell almost everything and keep some clothes and our heirloom items. I don’t know if I want to ship the breakables overseas or not because the only things I want to keep are things my great grandmother made and painted. I cannot replace any of it if it is broken; BUT I also don’t want it sitting in storage somewhere. I have all of my paintings to put somewhere…my canvases and paint tubes… All these books…I am afraid to actually count all these books. Toys…I have toys coming out of my ears!!! Yard Sale! Yard Sale! I need to go to city hall and get a permit soon I guess.

Oh and the stupid garage door is STILL broken!!!

I need to go clean the kitchen. The husband and I are having the trash wars again. I think I lost. I just can’t take it anymore.

Cheers ya’ll!


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