You know I love you, you beautiful, wonderful lady living in that god forsaken college town……right?

I am sorry if I upset you….

My thoughts are turned to marriage tonight. What is the point of spending the rest of your life with someone if they make you feel bad about yourself? Do we really think we can change someone if we stay with them long enough? Or do we think we will get over it if we stay with them long enough? I don’t want to have to get over it. If we have to change someone in order to be happy with them, then doesn’t that mean they just aren’t the person for us anyway? And isn’t it ok to get out of a bad situation rather than to stay there and be miserable?

I don’t know. Maybe I don’t make any sense.

You are and always have been beautiful to me – no matter how much you weigh. I wish I could bottle your laugh to listen to when I am feeling down. I suspect you don’t laugh as much anymore… how sad for all of us………..

I am here if you need me – if you are even talking to me anymore…


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