My first Blog – What can I say?

Well, I have been searching the net looking for information and I keep coming across these things called Blogs. What the hell is a Blog, I ask? I clicked on one and it was funny, insightful and the dude in the picture was really cute. The picture was not the selling point, but it damn sure helped…
I really don’t know why I have decided to start a blog, but I did so here it is. OK, well, I do know why I started one. I like to talk. OK I said it. As a stay at home mom, I have little adult interaction, so I talk every opportunity I get.

I really love talking about my kids and I am so proud of my kids, but MY GOD! It seems you can’t say anything about your kids today without someone trying to either give you advice or one up you. I was talking to a mom at one of my boys’ school, laughing about my daughter climbing her bookcase. (There is always some sort of bruise or cut on my girlies face so I get a lot of questions… So I like to let her explore, it won’t kill her.) Of course this woman proceeded to tell me how her little Timmy climbed the glass shelves in her house that are 10 feet high, blah blah blah….. Who cares? You asked me what happened to my daughter’s eye so I told you. I wasn’t aware that we were going to enter into a pissing contest!

Well, my husband and I decided we are moving to Abu Dhabi, UAE this summer. Maybe this is the real reason I started this blog. There is a lot of emotion involved with moving out of your home country. Right now I am all emotioned out. Our damn garage door is broken and I have been stuck at home all day waiting for someone to come repair it. I couldn’t get the stupid thing to come down and my husband’s tools are right at the front of the garage. The little hoodlums in this neighborhood were walking by earlier spying the tools. The little shits. I dare them to step in the driveway – I have been working out with Tae Bo… Besides, I really would like to sock the little bastard who shot my van last week. The ass hole kid shot the van as they were driving by then threw an egg at the brick planter in the front yard. The bad part is, I know who it is but I can’t do anything about it because I never saw them do it. I called the police but they told me until I actually see them do it I can’t do anything. How do I know, you ask? Well, there are only two families on the street with kids (beside me) and only one has a bb gun. And the one with the bb gun is a trouble maker anyway. He’s one of those kids who will wistle at me when I get the paper in the morning and he is constantly driving too fast down the street and flipping off the old man next door. I yell at him to slow down when he is driving, I think that is why he shot the van. Little fucker. KARMA – he’ll get his.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog. I thought it was kinda boring. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it later…


4 thoughts on “My first Blog – What can I say?

  1. ex ento intern says:

    What I find totally funny is that you discribe yourself as a cusser. you best get all that out of you while you can while you are on American soil missy…just givin you a hard time though.

    This should make my day a little more interesting to read what’s going on with you and everyone that makes comments…very funny entoman!!! By the way, why in the HELL are you at work so freakin early!!


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